Dr Traynor graduated from the Optometry program at Caledonia University Glasgow Scotland in 1982. His first experience of clinical practice was working with a group of surgical specialists at Bangour Hospital in Scotland and as an associate at established group of optometrists in Edinburgh. After little more than 1 year he opened his first practice in the east end of Glasgow. The business grew to include 2 more locations including Glasgow’s first luxury eyewear boutique. An optical surfacing and edging lab was added to ensure optimal quality and service standards were met for his patients. Maintaining his part time commitment to the Hospital Eye Service allowed him to continue development of knowledge and expertise.  In 1992 a new challenge presented itself with the opportunity to move with his family to Canada. He entered the accelerated program at Waterloo University and graduated in 1994.
During his time there he complemented his education teaching in the Low Vision Clinics at the school. In 1994 he took an associate position alongside Dr. Barbara Caffrey and Dr. Josh Josephson in one of Toronto’s busiest and well-known practices. It was here that he was given the opportunity to work in the contact lens research field – an area that became a significant part of his practice for the next 18 years. In the period that followed he was fortunate enough to work on contact lens development and research for companies in Canada the United States and the U.K. The current office in Oakville brings all this together. A location where he can continue to offer families exceptional eyecare, pursue his interest in the contact lens field and enjoy sharing his passion for top quality eyewear from around the world.